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NoPC is an educational IT solution which is provided FREE to schools, universities, public libraries and community centres in the developing world, with our first large scale launch planned for the Caribbean region in 2012.


We see a world where every student, young and old has access to free, high quality, computing, educational content, and the internet.


NoPC achieve this by deploying ground-breaking computer technology connected through mobile networks to the latest educational software and the internet via our servers in ‘the cloud’.


PCs break, they’re expensive, they age, they use a huge amount of electricity and they can drive you crazy! No PCs mean less power, less problems, less cost and less hassle.


We can do this with zero cost to the end user because our already ultra-low cost solution is entirely funded by desktop advertising with a rigorous ethical advertising policy.


The world needs a future focused, future proof IT solution that addresses the challenges of today whilst unlocking, for a generation, the potential of tomorrow.


How it Works

Although desktop PCs have become indispensable to business and education globally, PCs carry with them inherent problems: expensive, especially to take to scale; difficult to manage, maintain and secure; depreciate in value as technology rapidly advances. Equally they require: the latest antivirus software, password managers, spam filters, firewalls and on-site maintenance. The list could go on.

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NoPC's cloud based solution overcomes all of these issues. In simple terms, true cloud computing is one where a user's software and data no longer resides on a specific piece of localised hardware (i.e. a desktop PC or laptop) but are instead hosted and delivered to individual end users from our centralised datacentres via a mobile network connection. Computing, educational software & the internet are delivered from a central location to the remotest of regions.

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Our low power (6 watts) monitors connect to a low power (3 watts) ultra-low cost ($30) ‘Thin Client Terminal’ and through a mobile phone connection gain access to a Google powered desktop, the latest educational software and the internet.

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You wouldn’t think that you had no PC under the desk, no expensive broadband rental and no costly electricity bill - with a 10 terminal setup practical to power from a small 100 watt solar panel rather than the 2000 watts drawn from a more traditional approach. With NoPC the advantages are numerous:

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Computing that is FREE
Computing that doesn’t break
Computing that doesn’t go out of date
Computing that’s energy efficient
Computing without viruses, data loss or the need for maintenance

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No PCs = less power, less problems, less cost and less hassle.
A revenue stream from advertising = sustainability, scalability and ICT for the next billion.

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Over 2 Billion

people in the developing world live in communities that lack basic information and communication technologies.

Access to computing and the internet can have a profound impact changing lives, providing better economic opportunities and offering a better future. Access to ICT and the internet is now a fundamental component of education in the developed world.

The Story So Far


NoPC was founded by social entrepreneurs Rob Wilson, award winning founder of READ International and On the Up and Andy Lindsell, award winning co-founder of Liquid IT.


NoPC has quickly grown as a social business and its network of clients and partners already includes Governments in East Africa and the Caribbean, the Shell Foundation, Accenture, Airtel, Cable and Wireless and Google.

Andy Lindsell
Rob Wilson

Our Timeline

1st School 12 month pilot begins in rural Tanzania

Founders visit rural Tanzania to undertake 10-day Cloud Computing test

Proof of Concept
10 School Pilot Successful
£40,000 start-up funding awarded from Shell Foundation

NoPC awarded phase 1 of nationwide rollout by Ministry of education in Grenada, West Indies

Equipping three primary, two secondary schools and establishing a data centre in the capital city.

NoPC announce


partnership for Cloud applications, storage and collaboration.

Lime & Cable & Wireless

commit to providing FREE!! internet access in English speaking Caribbean islands.

ethical adverts permanently displayed on the desktop

We launch in any given country by investing in the hardware and cloud computing system to provide the solution free of charge to up to 100 schools. With an average of 500 children per school, 50,000 children will gain access to the terminals.

NoPC provides advertisers an opportunity to reach this target audience with a limit of 20 adverts on offer per country, per year, offering an exclusive opportunity to partner with NoPC.

A static or animated banner advert rotates every 30 seconds on a 10 minute cycle. So a 30 second advert would be seen 48 times in a typical 8 hour day.

NoPC utilises the excess of a 16:10 widescreen monitor so we display an entirely standardised 4:3 screen resolution.